Gladys Weatherspoon

Gladys Weatherspoon is an accomplished criminal defense lawyer in Prince George’s County and the District of Columbia. The former Chief of the Felony Section, of the Public Defender Service, which former US Attorney General Eric Holder acknowledged as “the best public defender’s office in the country”, has skillfully managed and trained well over 50 lawyers to become successful trial lawyers.

For over 25 years, Attorney Weatherspoon has successfully defended numerous high-profile and lesser known defendants. With more than 100 jury trials under her belt, she has obtained acquittals for her clients in a wide variety of cases.

Through successful litigations before prominent judges in the District of Columbia and Maryland, she has earned a reputation for thorough preparation and expert cross-examination skills.

The National Trial Lawyers Association has recognized Gladys as one of the “Top 100 Trial Lawyers in America”, and she is a sought-after public speaker on the topics of criminal law and effective trial practices.

After 10 years in private practice in the county, Gladys is now running to be appointed and elected by the community for Prince George’s County Circuit Court Judge.

Gladys is married and has lived in Prince George’s County for 15 years with her husband, ELWarren “Spoon” Weatherspoon, a DC Metro Transit police officer and the drummer with the legendary 70’s R&B group“Heatwave”. Gladys also helps manage his band The We Are One X-Perience.

In her spare time, Gladys enjoys a simple life of reading, spending time with her family, and playing with her dog, Shakira.

Gladys participate in the annual Covenant House Sleep Out, to raise money and awareness in support of homeless teenagers. She is also an executive board member of Women Walking in their Own Shoes, a charity organization that focuses on helping women and children in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Because of her rare blood type, Gladys regularly answers the Red Cross’ requests that she give blood, to help save lives.

Gladys Weatherspoon is a person of integrity, fairness and compassion.